About Me

Hi, I am Maxime!

Already revolutions around the sun, still not a single coffee during my long coding nights (and days). I aspire to make the world a better place by enabling and creating visual experiences through computer graphics, vision and AI innovations, while still enjoying each moment spent along my family, friends and PlayStation.

Curious for more? Have a look at my Projects or my Creative Blog, where I share some of my favorite homemade creations!

You saw enough already? I highly recommend checking out Kurzgesagt, a fantastic YouTube channel devoted to storytelling and breaking down factual information in many scientific fields.

Coding Skills

Python / PyTorch


C++ / C


HTML / CSS / JavaScript


Shell / R / MATLAB / SQL / LaTeX


Software Skills



Unreal Engine


DaVinci Resolve


Stable Diffusion A1111




3D Computer Vision and AI Engineer

2023 — 2024

Transforming live human players from sport games broadcasts into 3D avatars to facilitate immersive 3D viewing experiences.
Emphasis on image-based texture reconstruction and neural graphics pipelines.

Computer Vision Specialist

ETH Juniors, Switzerland
2023 — 2024

Detection and identification of gold bars counterfeit for authenticity verification.

Computer Vision Research Assistant

ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2022 — 2023

Full time Scientific Assistant at the VLG under Professor Siyu Tang.
Focus on point-based 3D scene reconstruction and novel view synthesis tasks.

CSE Master Student

ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2020 — 2022

Master in Computational Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich.
Specialization in computer vision, graphics and AI, with a focus on neural rendering for virtual humans modelling and synthesis.

CSE Bachelor Student

ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2017 — 2020

Bachelor in Computational Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich.
Specialization in robotics with a focus in control theory.